Simple Unified Payment Platform

Utilize our streamlined API to effectively manage your payments, harnessing the power of our unified payment white label platform. This sophisticated solution empowers you to optimize and streamline your payment operations with remarkable efficiency

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Unlocks the world of payment methods

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Unified Payment Platform

A full suite of payment products at your fingertip

We have put together everything that’s required for you to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally. Star's payment products for online e-Commerce, recurring businesses, seller payout and everything required.

We also help our clients to manage fraud, send payment links, generate invoices, reduce abandoned rate at checkout, PCI/DSS compliance audit and so much more.

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Success stories from our valued clients

  • “With Star SaaS's payment orchestration, our sales have surged. Cart abandonment is down, and successful transactions are up. They've transformed our e-commerce game.”

    Nihao eCommerce team
  • "Our marketplace is thriving, all thanks to Star. They've simplified payments and driven more sellers to our platform, resulting in more transactions and success."

    Morgan Graham Managing Director, Shoe Supplier
  • "Secure and efficient payments are critical in our industry. Star SaaS ensures both, boosting our conversion rates and overall success. They're our trusted partner.”

    Christine Dylan CEO, Mega Payment
  • "Star has been a game-changer for us. Their speed to market and connectivity to multiple acquirers are unparalleled. Their network of acquirers also ensures our transactions are seamless."

    Alchemypay Payment Team
  • "Star's payment orchestration means more renewals for us. Fewer payment hiccups, happier subscribers, and more success."

    Harry Luo Head of Expansion, Enjoypay
  • “Thanks to Star, we have seen a remarkable improvement in payment optimization and increased sales. Their expertise in streamlining payments has led to a significant reduction in cart abandonment and boost in successful transactions.”

    Megan Wang Marketing Manager, Daichi
  • “With the help of Star SaaS, we've gone global. Their seamless integration with worldwide acquirers allows us to offer diverse payment options to clients across Asia, Europe, the US, and Latin America, ensuring convenience and reliability that our global clients appreciate."

    Yang Yitao Managing Director, Omega Payment
  • "Star SaaS has transformed our bridal gown business by customizing the payment experience. They understand the importance of personalization in our industry, and their tailored solutions have elevated the way we accept payments."

    Clarice Ong COO, The Special Moment
  • "We've partnered with Star for our payment needs, and their dedicated service has been outstanding. They are always ready to help, and their knowledge of the payment industry is unparalleled."

    Shine Travels Team
  • "No doubt, Star SaaS is the best in the SaaS business. Their products, service, and support are simply unmatched."

    Melia Lim Head of Business, Medit Payment

Ease-of-use Integrations

Zero code integration for small to medium businesses

In Star, we have built up many different plugins for our client to start accepting payment for their businesses almost immediately. Join hundreds of small to medium businesses and embed the Star plugin on your online storefront

Designed for developers

Start your business more quickly with powerful, simplified and easy-to-use APIs

A simplified and easy-to-use API is a given now and a mandatory for any platform provider. On top of that, we injected few powerful features in our system